This site is about my interests and offerings–Environmental Alignment (Feng Shui, Vastu and other indigenous/contemporary/personal wisdom traditions and philosophies concerned with the dynamics of space and energy), Wabi Sabi, SoulCollage®, mosaics/mixed media assemblages, design, architecture, mythology, symbology, photography, haiku, Taoism, Pachamama, environmental activism (active and subtle), and the Andean Sacred Arts ….

Heavy energy and wounds collect in us, in our furnishings, and in our homes. Indigenous people world-wide have understood this energy best because they have been living close to the earth and their wisdom has been passed down through the centuries. We can thrive when we clear the heavy and stagnant energy, heal the wounds, and create unencumbered, safe and comfortable living spaces. I would like to help bring contentment to your life by sharing what I have learned and experienced from ancient wisdom and practices.

Create an environment that enables you to thrive!

There are tools we can use to simply and effectively alter our surroundings to support change, growth and creativity in our lives. What we look at, hear, smell, and feel can affect the direction of our lives, so by identifying and emphasizing the factors in our surroundings that uplift our energy, we can make positive shifts in our lives.

Your home can be a place to relax, to enjoy solitude, to engage in hobbies, to connect with family, welcome guests, and reflect the things that are important to you.  You can surround yourself with symbols that ignite your imagination, enliven your senses and uplift you, thereby creating a positive influence that will affect all that you do.

Through private consultations, we will discover how you can manifest environmental support for your needs and goals so that you can maximize your potential.  I will help you create a restorative environment that is balanced, harmonious, comfortable, nurturing,and revitalizing.

Bring your environment to life with color, texture, scent, sound, and movement!

My name is Nola Wood. Wood Wind & Water is my consulting business in South Orange County.

I have been studying and practicing environmental psychology since 1974.  I became certified in Essential Feng Shui™ through the Western School of Feng Shui™ in 1999.  I also have studied Feng Shui with Nancilee Wydra, William Spear, and Denise Linn, and I received my certification in Elemental Space Clearing® with Denise Linn in 2015. I have incorporated the wisdom from these diverse philosophies into what I call “environmental alignment.”


Welcome yourself (with all your complexity, all your discomfort, all your richness)

I studied Andean Sacred Arts with Joan Wilcox in 2015 and The Power of Ritual with don Oscar Miro-Quesada in 2017.

I have been a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2009, learning from the creator, Seena B. Frost.  I have had additional SoulCollage® study with Seena and Mariabruna Sirabella.


By collaborating, we can eliminate the mental, physical, and environmental blocks that keep you stuck in unsatisfactory cycles.  I would love to work with you to align your heart, mind, spirit, and home.  Empowerment is the lasting gift for you. By being listened to, cared about, and having your special contributions honored, you will be able to move forward with confidence.

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