senses come alive
wandering through the garden~
the scent of spring lunch




on an hourly basis
waiting for the light to change
the changing impact of the sun
on the cliff face
slowly and continually
on the cliff face
that will be changed by tomorrow
gone in a millennium

on that millennium basis
I can’t wait for the sea
the sun
the wind
the rain to affect
to erode the rock
to pound
to sculpt
to work its delicacy.
I can only imagine
the finesse of a wave
like Michelangelo’s chisel
finding the new varied stone
the way he found
David’s decision, determination
diligently pounding, lapping, uncovering ….

the eternal patience of the universe will witness
the slow
the constant unveiling of a new and different cliff face.

I can witness
the slow
the constant light change.
I have a patient hour.