The Seed


were I a seed
I would trust the wind
And surrender to its gusts

I would land in a garden
or by a train track
or in a meadow
or by the sea
or in a sidewalk crack

I would have the opportunity to grow
and thrive
and be beautiful
and unique
and notice my essence

the essence of the seed that I am
trusts the way
and surrenders to what may be




this day is one day

unique and full of moments~

may I savor it

Through a Dog’s Eyes


what is it about a dog’s eyes

that can guide us to a better decision

inspire a fresh, light look at trouble

teach us about love?

what is it about my eyes that allows me to see all that?



pastel skies in winter

confuse my senses

redirect my instincts

the wolf recedes

I venture out

instead of sleeping, I dance

instead of remembering Ecclesiastes 3:2, I uproot what I have yet to plant

learning and pastel skies have a place in winter