Just as I was learning to embrace my grandmother’s nourishing wisdom…

I am an animal lover and an environmentalist, so eating meat doesn’t fit. However, I also have some health issues, and after working with a nutritionist, I discovered my body fared much better eating meat and vegetables eliminating grains, legumes, and reducing the fruit–sugar is a problem for me.

But the more I dove into environmental activism, and the deeper my love of farm animals grew, my taste buds started to sync up with my moral core. Then I saw Cowspiracy.  My justification for eating humanely raised beef and chicken fell out from under me.  Were things to universally convert to my “sustainable” (grandmother’s) way, the entire earth would need to become farmland and this would only feed a population equivalent to that of the U.S. Obviously, this is not a sustainable paradigm.

SO, I need to change my diet.

I have a fairly good understanding or nutrition and health, and I’m a fairly good winging it cook (it is difficult for me to follow a recipe), but I have become a lazy shopper and this is a big change–this needs to be a transition.

The best way for me to thoughtfully evolve is to read and sense my way, with the goal of writing about what comes up as a way to keep my attention.

My Nourish category is my journal on this–a way to track ideas, recipes, and discoveries.  If this is helpful to anyone else and/or if it starts a dialog–fantastic!


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