Willing (The Strong and Resilient One Puts Down Her Earthly Shield)



To untether my heart
To let go of expectations and conditions
To learn unfamiliar patience
To discover uninhibited devotion
To be comfortable with mystery ā€¦

I carefully, but willingly, extend my hands
To open that magnificent new door that is right in front of me.

With my head bowed down in faith
I skip across the threshold
And pure laughter gushes up in love and joy!

I am the Water and the Stones


as my postures and prides and prejudices

are exposed

the water has access.

the water wears them down




as I wince from the pain of yesterday’s sharpness

I know the stones have less edge today

and will be smoother tomorrow.

I stumble through the stones

forgiving their youthful crags

stumbling with a willingness

to wait for the water to come in its own time.