Creating a Supportive Environment (private session):  At the beginning of a consultation, we discuss your current challenges and frustrations—these may be specific space related problems or may involve life issues that cause you to feel stuck or out of control.  I will assess your space from a point of view that incorporates my experience and study of Feng Shui and environmental psychology.  I will leave you with recommendations that will help to align your environment with your personal aspirations and that will uplift your spirit.   You will uncover the symbols that resonate with you personally.  Your home will become a place that kindles your imagination and creativity, enlivens your senses, and that honors what is important to you. [This full service—or any part of it—works well from a distance too.]

Creating Sacred Space (private session): Create a centering place in your home—an altar or a room that nurtures contemplation, reminds you of your willingness to receive guidance, to trust your intuition, to take your personal vision to heart, and to be rigorous in self-reflection.  I can help you build this place.

Finding your Personal Soul Symbols (private session): There isn’t any real energy in someone else’s solution.  If something doesn’t evoke a personal response from you, it is a hollow cliché—wishful thinking rather than inner process. By you listening to your internal compass and by paying attention to the ancient, cultural, and personal images and ideas that resonate with you, we will find your sources for comfort, inspiration, healing and/or guidance.  Honoring the symbols that represent these influences, incorporating them into what you see day to day, shows you your true path and helps to keep you on it.

Blessing Ceremony (private session or workshop):  This is a ritual of reverence that balances giving and receiving—a ceremony for your home or for you personally. This is in the spirit of the Despachos ceremony—an offering in the Andean Mystical Tradition. It is a sacred ceremony of harmonization—a way to express gratitude for what has yet to manifest. It is a ritual that aligns you with your intent, produces, maintains or restores sacred reciprocity or balance, and deepens your relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth). We create meaningful gifts made up of things you have gathered for your specific purpose.

Feng Shui/Space Clearing (workshops): In general and special topic workshops, we will work on ways to learn to identify the areas and energies in your home or office that need adjustment and/or stagnant energy “clearing.” You will learn how to activate your senses in order to see and feel problem areas. You will learn how to align your environment with your aspirations—creating a healthier, more comfortable, and more uplifting space—a space where you can thrive.

SoulCollage® (workshops): In a variety of introductory and special subject SoulCollage® workshops, we will use an easily accessible art process to connect you with your intuition.   By finding resonate images and creating collages, you will learn how to listen to different aspects of your personality, specific people that have impacted your life, archetypal influences, and energetic forces that guide you.