Working with Nola was like a dream!  I had two other Feng Shui consultants look over my cozy corner and they demanded I make changes as if Chicken Little was due to run through and the sky would fall if I did not do what they said.  Nola waltzed in with her casual, supportive style and gave loving suggestions that brought so much comfort to my little cottage.  The final touch was one of her charming mosaics for my garden with a cat that adds class to my garden of love. The sound of the waterfall creating a bonus of a shower for our wonderful bird friends!  An occasional raccoon meanders by to quench his thirst and wash his little paws!  I recommend Nola with every ounce of my content being!  (MH, San Juan Capistrano, CA)

I have always enjoyed decorating but have never been comfortable with selecting paint for the rooms in my home.  Nola came to my rescue.  She quickly and confidently chose beautiful colors to compliment my furnishings and décor.  I couldn’t be happier with the results!  (KL, El Cajon, CA)

My fiancée’s ex-wife had a lot of personal problems and she left the residue from those problems in the house that he and I now share.  She spent 95% of her time in three particular rooms while she lived in the house; I felt her presence strongly in these rooms and consequently could not be comfortable.  I asked Nola to come out and do a space clearing.  After Nola’s visit to my home, I have noticed a calming sensation not only in the three rooms she resided in, but throughout the entire house.  I no longer avoid entering these rooms and do not feel her presence in any way.  I now feel it is my home.  (GW, San Diego, CA)

Until I was “feng shui’d” by Nola Wood, I didn’t know how fortunate I was to even have a window office, let alone appreciate the light that the window provides.  Without removing any furniture, Nola was able to relocate pieces of my existing office furniture and changed the entire dynamic of my office.  It became more functional for work, yet was also friendly and comfortable space.  I move furniture around all the time in my home, but for one reason or another, I never considered moving the furniture around in my office.  Simply changing the direction of my desk, credenza and book case created a different energy flow in my office altogether.  Co-workers have responded so positively to Nola’s changes that I even receive positive comments from people that hadn’t stopped into my office in the five years that I have been here!  The positioning of the furniture is now such that one is drawn in by the window and then because there is a chair nearby, they just come in and plop down!  The way the chairs were positioned previously was more intimidating to visitors; no one ever sat in them—people would stand and talk to me.  Additionally, I feel that the changes in my office have alleviated stress in this particular space.  I don’t feel like the six foot tall Amazonian woman that I am crammed in a 3-by-3 space anymore!  I have “roaming” room—it’s easier to get to the things I need to get to without bumping and bruising my legs on my large desk all the time!  (AB, San Diego, CA)

I have been lucky enough to take advantage of Nola’s insights and skill in the art of Feng Shui.  The benefits to our workplace and to my personal living spaces are special gifts that I continue to benefit from today.  During the design stage at our office, Nola helped us create work spaces that promoted productivity and high energy.   At home, Nola helped me create an environment that is at the same time secure and relaxed.  I cannot recommend her enough to my friends and colleagues.  (SDL, San Juan Capistrano, CA)