Grieving a Place Left Behind

my mountain is still there

but not in my view~

how do I see?

first I grieve


my beach is still there

but not under my feet~

how do I walk?

first I grieve


attachment to the memories, spectacle, and mythology of place~

how do I re-root?

first I grieve


illogic abounds

and so does the melancholy

so I grieve


I still have much to do

so I must see

I must walk

I must re-root

I must forgive myself

I must heal

so now I grieve


I have a stewardship

to be

to refract the light of God

to speak to the animals so I may tell their story

to heal the earth

to make my music so I may dance to it

to expose my colors

and to create my assemblage of it all

by working in my grief